We are currently planning a round of investment for the distillery and we would love for you to be involved.

This will take the shape of products and services, giving all of our customers and supporters the opportunity to invest in the future of the Spirit of Garstang.

This round of investment will be used to continue building on our position as one of the small batch distilleries that are well known for their unique flavours and quality of Gin, Rum and Vodka. We will be focusing on these three main areas:

  • Growing our market share within the UK.
  • Expanding our team
  • Increasing production capacity and efficiency.
  • Finding a new home for our whisky to be matured in barrels 
  • Growing our bottle shop floor capacity
  • Expanding into opening our new micro bar

We would love for you to support us and  join our journey of expansion,click the link below to read more..